Choosing the domain name

Domain Names containing terms such as car or real estate are very popular. But not every domain that has such money keywords in the name can also be rated as good. What do you have to look out for when choosing a domain name so that it is worth buying?

This fictitious domain should serve as an example: autokaufenverkaufen.tld . At first glance, the layperson identifies that the keywords car, buy and sell occur in the domain, which is interpreted as a positive factor and can encourage purchase. However, it is more advisable to prefer a domain with this URL auto-kaufen-verkaufen.tld. The cardinal reason: The domain name is split using the hyphens and is also easier for potential visitors to remember.

Accordingly, domain names are also a ranking criterion for the most used search engine in the world. Anyone who reports on cars is not optimally served with a domain that has a fantasy name. So choosing the right domain name is the first step to success.

It should be noted that since Google's Mayday Update, brand domains now also enjoy a higher weighting. Conversely, this means: If page X is optimized for the term VW, it cannot displace the company VW from position one in the search results, no matter how perfectly the website has been optimized for this term. This is an indicator that domain names also have a certain relevance for Google.

On easyname you can check your domain name and then register it. Zur Prüfung steht dir unser weltweiter Domaincheck , mit bis zu 500 Domain-Endungen (mit Klassikern wir der .com- oder .at-Domain ) und einer riesigen Auswahl an neuen Domainendungen zur Verfügung (z.B. die .wien -Domain or .club domain ). Use our free domain search to secure your desired domain name and order it directly online from us. We also offer you the option of booking the necessary web space for your domain so that you can also present your content on the domain on the Internet.

Convince yourself of our services in the field of domain and web hosting . We focus on quality, support and a balanced price-performance ratio. You also benefit from an easy-to-use customer center and our top support with a hotline at a local rate.

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