Domain transfer to easyname without service interruptions

If you want to transfer your domain including websites and email addresses to easyname without interruptions of your services there is a certain scheme you should follow:

1. Create an External Domain

Set up your domain which is currently located at another provider as an external domain in your easyname Controlpanel: [Domains][External Domains]. You will find detailed instructions on how to create an external domain there. Important: Please use either the method with creating a subdomain or the text file! The method with changing your domain's name servers will cause service interruptions!

2. DNS Records

Please ask your current provider about the dns records of your domain you want to transfer. All records of the type 'A', 'MX' and 'TXT' and 'SRV' have to be entered in [Domains] → 'DNS'.

3. Email Addresses & Email Boxes

If you have email addresses at your current provider you need to set them up at easyname now. First create for any user an own email box in [Web Hosting][Email Boxes]. Now create email addresses: Go to [Domains] → 'Email' and create the desired addresses. During this step you can also choose which address is routed to which mail box.

4. Websites

If you want to migrate your websites to easyname, you now have to copy your web data and databases to easyname. Uploading websites can be done via ftp, databases can be imported via phpMyAdmin.

Important: easyname does not offer technical support for migrating websites and databases. Please refer to an expert if you do not have the knowledge needed.

5. Domaintransfer & Change of Nameservers

Now that all your services are 'copied' to easyname, you can start the transfer of your domain. For this, go to your easyname Controlpanel at [Domains][Transfer domains]. During the transfer - if not explicitly changed in the transfer options - the name servers of your domain are changed to easyname dns.

Important: The change to easyname dns can take up to 24 hours. Do not proceed with the next step until the dns changes are active. If in doubt, contact your easyname support team.

All your services are now migrated to easyname!

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