How do I setup my email client automatically?

The automatic setup is available for all Apple devices as well as for Outlook.

To do this you first have to create a mailbox and an email address with us.

If you're using Outlook, just set up a new email account and enter only the email address and password you've defined for the mailbox. If you do not know the e-mail password, you can always reset it.

For iOS devices or MacOS, all you have to do is open the following link in the Safari browser:

Important: Replace with your email address you have created with us

If you use several e-mail addresses for the same mailbox, you also have to specify the mailbox name:

Important: Replace both the e-mail address and the mailbox name with your correct data.

Follow the instructions on your screen. You will be asked if you want to install / load the profile. Confirm this and then enter your name and password.

Confirm all messages here and allow the installation of the profile.

With newer iOS versions it may be necessary to go into the settings and find the option "loaded profile". From here you can continue with the installation / setup.

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