I have forgotten to renew my domain, how do I get it back?

After the registration time, domains will be treated differently depending on the TLD:

.at domains

For .at domains, a "billwithdraw" will be initiated on the end date of the domain according to NIC.at regulations. This means that the domain will be transferred to NIC.at, since there is no expire for .at domains. In this case, you will receive an invoice from NIC.at for the following annual fee. As soon as this happens, the domain is no longer managed by easyname, you have to clarify the formalities with NIC.at and you are welcome to transfer your domain back to easyname anytime.

If you would like to transfer the domain back to us, you can request the necessary transfer token / authcode from our homepage . Just enter your domain in the domain check and search for your domain. Then click on "Transfer to easyname" and then on "You do not have an authcode?". Then a mail with the authcode is sent to the owner of the domain. If you won't receive an email, please contact nic.at to acquire it.

.de domains

For .de domains, it's the same process as for .at domains. However the difference is that the Domain Authority is DENIC. If you don't renew the Domain on time we'll initiate a Transit so the Domain is no longer managed with easyname. If you need the authcode of your .de domain, please contact the DENIC.de .

ICANN domains (.com, .org, .net, etc.)

For ICANN domains, a "pending_delete" will be performed after the registration time has expired. This means that the domain can not be registered or transferred by anyone, although it still exists technically. The domain is deleted after an indefinite period of time (usually 1-3 months) and can then be re-registered.

If the deletion of the domain occured not too long ago, you can usually recover it for a recovery fee. You can find this option in your easyname control panel [Domains]. Next click the Tab [Deleted] and choose the option [Restore] next to your Domain. If this option is not visible anymore, it is possible that the domain can only be restored manually. In this case, contact our Support Team .

Other domain extensions (.sk, .eu, .uk, etc.)

For these domains, only a manual recovery via the responsible registry is possible. Please contact our Support Team for more information.

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