connect your Domain with Webspace Content

In order to link the domain to your website, you must first upload your website with all files and folders to our web server. We have provided instructions for you.

After you have uploaded all data, go to Domains in the Control Panel and then to Subdomains.

If you have an existing subdomain, you can click on the white pen symbol on the right.

You can also use the + Add new subdomain button at the top to create and manage a new one.

Now you have arrived at the administration. Here you can choose what happens to the subdomain. In this case, select Show webspace content.

at the top

It is important to create the correct path for the web space path. The root directory for this is the html folder. Thus you can retrieve all data within the html folder.

Please also note that the changeover can take up to 5 minutes before it is correctly applied.

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