What is a Subdomain and which Types are available?

Under [Web Hosting] and [Subdomains] , you can configure your domain's for different web content. So for e.g., it's possible to configure your Domain http://yourdomain.at on a different content than for http://www.yourdomain.at. Of course this works for other Domains/Subdomains as well. Also, it's possible to redirect your domain to another website.

To create a Subdomain, navigate to [Web Hosting] and [Subdomains] and then click [+Add a new Subdomain] . Below there is a new text box where you can type the desired Subdomain.

If you want to configure the domain itself (without www or similar), leave the text field empty. On the next page, you can define the different options for the Subdomain that you just created. Please note that the Subdomain such as www. must also be visible at [Domains] and "DNS" as "A" record and it must be configured to the IP address of the easyname web server.

Under [Web Hosting] [Subdomains] , you can choose from the following display options:

Show WebSpace content

If you want to display your website under this Subdomain, upload your files via ftp to the "/html" folder on the server. The path "/html" does not need to be specified here. Example: You load your web page into the directory "/html/ folder /", then you specify here "/folder/".

Forwarding (normal)

Normal forwarding allows you to redirect your domain to another domain name. Please note that this option is just a simple redirect, so your Domain will not be permanently shown in the Browser. You may want to create a hidden redirect instead.

Hidden Forwarding (Frame)

Through the hidden forwarding, you have the option to forward your domain "hidden" without displaying the "real" Internet address.

Show "Domain parked" note

This will allow you to display the website placeholder "Domain parked at easyname".

A step-by-step guide to connect your uploaded website with your Domain is available here.

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