Can I protect my statistics with a password?

If needed Web statistics can be password protected so that access is only possible with a username and password.

To enable password protection, first click on the [Webhosting] menu item and select [Web Statistics].

Now you can enable Using user accounts and save this setting by clicking the [Save settings] button.

A bit further down you will find the User Administration where the access can be created. To do so please click on the button [Add new user].

Now you can define a Username and a Password there. If you click [GENERATE PASSWORD], we will optionally create a strong password for you to use. You can either leave the field Comment empty or you can enter e.g., what the access is used for.

When you're done, click the [ADD USER] button. You can now log in to the web statistics with this data.

To remove a user, click the delete icon (X) at the bottom right next to the user.

Tip: You can also create multiple users by simply repeating the above steps

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