How are the Server-Paths named?

Since the server paths differ from customer to customer, they can only be queried while you are logged in into the easyname control panel. Click on [Web Hosting] → [Data Sheet] to see all server paths such as the absolute path.

In your server path, you then have the option to navigate to the following folders

  • db_dumps - In this folder, the snapshots of your databases are created and then transferred to the backup server. No files should be transferred to this folder.
  • files - Here you can store required files that can not be accessed via a link defined in the subdomain settings.
  • html - In this folder, all the files must be stored, which are then accessed via your domain.
  • log - Log files are stored in this folder. E.g., error.log, php_error.log, php_slow.log, etc.
  • tmp - Temporary files can be loaded into this folder.

Please note, that there is no "root" access as in the traditional sense, as easyname is a shared web hoster.

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