What are web statistics and how can I access them?

In general web statistics tell you how many people have visited your website(s). Apart from that it also gives you information like "from which country", "at which time", "which subpages" and many more, have been visited. For this, easyname provides you with the program "AWStats".

To get statistics about your webspace, you must first enable the option to generate "access.logs". This option can be found in your easyname Control Panel under [Webhosting] → [Subdomains] → [Edit] (pen icon) on the right side of your (sub)domain. Now select the option "Activate Access Log" and click on[SAVE].

Please note, that statistics can only be created for (sub)domains that have the option show "Web space content" enabled.

You can then view the web statistics of your website(s) in the control panel under [Web Hosting] → [Web Statistics]. Just click on the link ("Awstats") to open your statistics.

It is unfortunately not possible to generate statistics when using the Website Builder.

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