How do I assign my first password for my VPS?

Login to Server Administration

Login to the Server Administration via the easyname Control Panel by clicking on [Server] in the navigation bar on the left side and then clicking on [Login] on the desired server.

Click in the left menu on the item [ROOT PASSWORD] to assign your SSH root password there.

Set root password & save & start

Enter a very secure password here. With the password you are able to completely control your server.

Therefore note our comments on the right side in the Server Administration. Then click on [set root password].

To be on the safe side, we ask for confirmation again, click here on [YES].

You can now start the server, click on the little button on the top right.

Connect to the server with SSH

You have started the server and assigned a password. Now log into your server via SSH as follows:

~$ ssh -l root's password: *************$

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