How can I access the backup of my VPS?

Data backups of the cloud servers are currently only available for the Linux-based servers.

For maximum security, we create daily backups of your data. You can access the last 10 days.

Login to Server Administration

Login to the Server Administration via the easyname Control Panel by clicking on [Server] in the navigation bar on the left side and then clicking on [Login] on the desired server.

This is how you access your data backup

In the Server Administration menu on the left, switch to the [Data backup] area to see all available backups.

Click here on the point [Actions] next to the backup you want to access. You then have the option of (a) importing this data backup or (b) mounting it. With option (a) the server is reset to the status. With option (b), the data backup is made available as a folder on your server, so that you can e.g. Copy individual files from the backup to the server.

How to use Snapshot

Snapshots are highly recommended if you want to make changes to the server such as an update. Take a snapshot shortly beforehand to restore the server to this state if necessary.

Switch to the [Snapshots] area in the menu on the left in your Server Administration to see all available snapshots.

Create a snapshot by clicking on the button [Create new snapshot] e.g. before updating your system in order to restore the original state in the event of an error. The created snapshot is displayed in the list. The snapshot is backed up by clicking on the [Restore snapshot] button. Any changes made in the meantime are lost after restoration. The snapshot is deleted by clicking on the [Delete snapshot] button.

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