How do Antispam and Antivirus work?

You can activate or deactivate antispam and/or antivirus for each e-mail box seperately.

Antispam activated:
Incoming mails are scanned for spam. If a mail is classified as spam, its moved to junk or spam folder right away.

If you are using POP3 to receive mails in a mail client, as spam classified mails are not delivered to your client as POP3 only receives mails that are delivered to webmail's inbox. If a mail is classified as spam mistakenly, you will never receive that mail in your mail client. We therefore encourage you to check your spam mail regularly in webmail. Alternatively you could either use IMAP to receive mails in your client or deactivate antispam for your mailbox.

Antispam deactivated:
Incoming spam mail is not tagged and is delivered directly to your inbox.

Antivirus activated:
Incoming mail is scanned for attached viruses. If a virus is found in an e-mail, it will be moved to the spam or junk folder immediately.

Antivirus deactivated:
Incoming mail is not scanned for viruses.

You can find all options regarding this in your control panel via [My hosting] → [E-Mail boxes] when editing a mailbox.

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